Youth to the fore - Venkatesan Srikanth The Hindu Delhi 14/01/2011

Masterful Performance, While singing, he brought out the raga bhavas embodied in the compositions to the fore...

A vocalist par excellence Dr.Rama V Bennur Deccan Herald Mysore 25/12/2010

His singing carries no airs and frills. It is pure dedication and sincerity. Every phrase , every Krithi touches your heart with its purity and earnestness. The solid manodharma is his forte.., His fertile imagination blossomed in all the kalpana swaras through out the kutcheri.


Excellent choice of kritis - G.Swaminathan The Hindu Chennai 14/12/2010

Dr. Krishna Vageesh has a powerful voice and profound musical insight. That was reflected in his vocal concert. 'Nadhabrahmam Sankaram Bhavaye' in royal Khambodi was the pallavi of the RTP which he presented. Dr. Vageesh's music is steeped in tradition and gleamed with grandeur...


Devotion wins the day - B.R.C Iyengar The Hindu Hyderabad 22/08/2008

Vageesh goes for a defiant format and inimitable presentation Vageesh is a scholar, a thinker and an originator. The presentation goes with the impromptu philosophy, His control in swarakalpana is exhilarating and engaging.

Scholarly,scintillating vocal recital A.Ramalinga Sastry
The Hindu Hyderabad 27/04/2007

Kalabharathi witnessed a scintillating vocal rectal by K. Vageesh in the company of M.S.N. Murty on violin, VV Ramana Murty on mridangam and Mandapaka Ravi of Vizianagaram on kanjira. Vageesh who is Trichy AIR station director got off to a tunefully grand start with the Todi Varnam followed by Pranamamyaham Sreeprananaadham in the oudhava vakra shadhava ragam Ranjani and concluded it with exciting swaram. evocative neravu and swaram.


Musical Notes - The New India Express Chennai 07/04/2007

Vageesh Simplifies the rules of the past and presents them in a delicate manner.., known for alapana singing and crisp swara prastharas.. Has a wide repertoire which is all - encompassing.